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company news about What is a release liner?

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What is a release liner?
Latest company news about What is a release liner?

What's a release liner?


A release liner, also commonly known as a release paper or release backing, is a type of coated paper or film that is used as a protective layer or carrier for adhesive-coated materials.


The key characteristics and uses of release liners include:


1. Substrate: Release liners are typically made of silicone-coated paper, polyethylene, or polyester film. This provides a smooth, slick surface.

Adhesive Protection: The release liner is used to protect the adhesive side of materials like labels, tapes, films, and other coated products before they are applied to a surface.


2. Easy Removal: The release liner can be easily peeled away from the adhesive when it's time to apply the product, leaving behind the sticky surface.


3. Temporary Carrier: The release liner serves as a temporary carrier or support for the adhesive-coated material, allowing it to be handled, die-cut, or converted more easily.


4. Applications: Release liners are commonly used for self-adhesive labels, tapes, decals, protective films, and other adhesive-backed products across industries like packaging, manufacturing, and graphics.


The main purpose of a release liner is to preserve the adhesive properties of a product until it is ready to be applied to a surface, while also enabling efficient handling and converting of the material.

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